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About The Founding Of Geersing Potato Specialist

From father to son…

Geersing Potato Specialist is potato trading business originated at Emmeloord, the company develops and supplies potato seeds and varieties.

The  Beginning

After 4 years of research efforts for the European variety list and seven years as a potato varieties grower, Jan-Eric Geersing decided to start growing by himself while working on the crop protection field. His interest for cultivation started when young, this business was passed down to him by his father at an early age. He followed the breeding program that his father Marchienus Geersing had started. While studying at the Agricultural College in Dronten, it was a logical decision to start a six-month internship at the Hettema breeding company, where his father’s educational breeding programme was adopted.

The first variety “Marcelle”

The first steps were made in 2003 and within ten years the first variety called Marcelle was obtained and managed to enter the European variety list. Meanwhile, several activities were being developed under the name Geersing Potatoes. An organic arable plot in the Poppe’s family farm in Nagele was dedicated for the cultivation program. In addition, four satellite test fields were set up elsewhere in the country to test the selected varieties more widely.

Autonomous Dutch Growers

A former connection with Caithness Potatoes was re-established and so it was decided to approach a group of autonomous Dutch breeders to start growing potatoes for Caithness under the lead of Geersing Potatoes. Since 2004, in order to study the results of their seedlings on the test field in Essex and the cultivation of seed potatoes, the group of autonomous growers have been making annual trips to England and Scotland together with the local growers which have been working alongside Geersing Potatoes from the beginning.


Caithness Potatoes

The collaboration with Caithness Potatoes was expanded even further by bringing varieties  into attention in the Netherlands. The activities had increased to such an extent that they were included under a sole proprietorship and the name Geersing Potatoes was officially converted into a private limited company. It was decided in 2011 to carry on with the coordination on the cultivation works and the activities to further develop varieties under the name Caithness Potatoes Holding B.V.  20% shares of which were transferred to Geersing Potatoes and the rest to partners in the United Kingdom.

More Varieties 

Geersing Potatoes continues its own activities in the cultivation field to follow up on the success of Marcelle while keeping the role of shareholder on Caithness Potatoes Ltd. Likewise, the other growers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have not been idle as the new frying-type varieties Divaa and Marvel and the phytophthora-resistant Cammeo are now on the variety list.

Geersing Potato Specialist Ltd.

The activities of Caithness Potatoes Ltd. subsidiary have been carried on independently since 2019 by Jan-Eric in a new private limited company called Geersing Potato Specialist Ltd. Jan-Eric will further focus on developing varieties with both his acquired knowledge and network of connections.

Geersing Potato Specialist
Key strengths are...
Firmly rooted in...


Sharing years of accumulated knowledge in the development of potato varieties and crop protection


Keeping a network of connections built up over time


Aiming at long term developments through long term business relationships


Promoting sustainable cultivation by focusing on Phytophthora-resistant varieties and organic crops

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